Flurry Glove

Electric, Fully-Automatic Fire
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The power is in your hands with the Gelbee Flurry Glove. Slip your hand into the mecha-glove and squeeze the grip trigger to blast gel BBs from a hopper-fed cannon attached to the Flurry Glove’s wrist. That’s full-auto firing of 7 gel BBs per second, reaching distances of up to 50 feet. Gelbee Flurry Gloves come with a starter pack of 1,000 gel BBs and a rechargeable battery (plus charger). Gelbee Gel BBs are non-toxic and non-staining and only sting enough to let you know you’ve been hit. Flurry Glove hopper holds over 400 BBs per fill.


  • Full-auto firing at 7 gel BBs per second
  • Just squeeze the grip trigger to fire
  • Wrist cannon reaches distances of up to 50 feet
  • Fits like a glove
  • Hopper holds over 400 gel BBs
  • Includes:Starter pack of 1,000 gel BBs
    Rechargeable battery and charger
Velocity Up to 110 fps
Length in
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